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Help, My Child isn’t talking!

Guide for parents with teenagers or young adults.

There comes a time when children stop talking to their parents about certain things.

My free 4 page PDF will help you in your situation.

You will discover:

  • Common reasons why your child isn't talking.
  • What you can do about the situation.
  • Is counselling really the answer.

Parents contact me regularly on behalf of their children and I have been counselling adults and 17-25 year-old clients from 2010. You are in good hands.

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The first counselling session can feel like a daunting experience.

The first counselling session usually goes really quickly. First it can feel difficult to explain what’s happening and where to start to a new person. When the first words come out everything will go smoothly after that.

At the beginning of the second session we will go over some information that is helpful when the counselling continues. I have a form that we fill out together and it doesn’t take long but the information is important for us both.

More information in my blog: What to expect from a counselling session