from grief to clarity -group

Free support group for adults who have lost a loved one and want to have group support.
Who organises the group?
As a licensed counsellor, I organise the group meetings every month. I’m specialised in grief and loss counselling and other difficult life changes. Read more about my services here.

Where is this group held?
If someone has lost a loved one, they can contact me for location information and more details. Meetings are held in Calahonda but specific location is not public because of privacy reasons. 


How many members are in this group?
I like to keep this particular group small. The maximum amount is 5 members/ meeting. The group is kept small because we have 60-80 min. together and I like everyone to have the opportunity and time to share and support one another.


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How often can someone join this group?
Because this group is kept small, a seat to the group must be reserved. If someone is interested of joining this group, they should contact me to make the reservation for the next meeting. If all the seats are reserved they can have a seat from the next meeting.
What is the goal of this group? 
Members can talk about their situation in confidence, have the support of group members and hear and feel that they are not alone in their situation. They can share their story, remember their loved ones with others and participate in group activity supported by me as the group organiser. Activities helps members to go deeper in their situation and have more awareness of their feelings and thoughts. This awareness brings more calmness and clarity to their situation.

You don’t have to be alone with your feelings and thoughts. There are others in the same boat.
— Unknown


How is the hour spent?
First we will go over the guidelines of the group. Everyone has the opportunity to tell the group about their situation and why they wanted to join the group that month. After introductions we will focus on specific themes which arise from the introductions. I have prepared materials for each month to go a little deeper into the given subject. After using the materials, members have the opportunity to share their thoughts and emotions before I will end the meeting.


How much should be shared in this group?
Only I have the members personal information and they stay with me. Group members can share as little or as much as they want inside the time limit given. Group members can share personal contact information between each other. 

What if someone wants one-on-one counselling?
They can stay after the group session to schedule a good time with me or they can contact me any other time. 


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