free assessment

What does it mean and how does it work?

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Free assessment is a good way to figure out if the counselling I offer is the right fit for you.

The Free assessment is not a counselling session.


first contact

You can call me at my number +34 665518154 and ask for free assessment or fill out the contact form. We will plan when would be a good time and I will ask you some questions about your situation. The free assessment lasts about 15 minutes.

with skype or whatsapp

If you want the free assessment through video, I will call you through Skype or WhatsApp at the scheduled time. I will go through the information that you have given me in advance and I will ask some questions about your situation.


after the free assessment

You can decide during the free assessment or after if you want my counselling. If you decide to take the next step, we will plan the right time and place for your counselling sessions. 

Notice that you can feel a little bit overwhelmed after the free assessment.

Because you have taken the first step to move forward in your life, it takes a while to process all the information you have been given in a short period of time. You can contact me after the free assessment if there is something you are not sure about or you have any questions.