This might be the first time you are considering to see a therapist or the word “therapy” makes you uncomfortable. I know you are not really comfortable with the idea but you’re here because you’re in "trouble" and want to fix that. You are just not even sure where to start, right?

Maybe you saw a therapist in the past and you felt it wasn't really working or there was something else that made you feel uncomfortable. Some therapists have decades of experience but that doesn't mean that they are good at what they do or are a great fit for you. Decades of experience might just mean that they have been working for a long time.



If you are wondering why you would even want to talk to a stranger about your situation, let me tell you: it’s really common. It’s sometimes easier to talk to a therapist who is a stranger than to your loved ones.

In counselling you don’t have to think about your loved ones' reactions, what they would say or do, would there be an argument, are you going to feel like a burden, misunderstood, or even feel any better afterwards. That’s a lot of baggage before even starting the conversation.

I know you don’t need any nonsense spiritual healing therapy and don’t have the need to go deep into your childhood to figure out the root cause of your problems. Sure, sometimes there is a place for that but that’s not what I do. We will figure out what’s happening now and why and what to do about it and then send you on your way.





I maintain a small caseload and I’m retraining myself regularly so that I can provide the highest level of support to my clients. I’m also easily accessible in between appointments so you can expect a quick response.



The last thing you need is a bobblehead therapist who takes a passive approach. My goal is to help you start seeing progress as soon as possible. I consider myself a brief therapist, so I want to give you what you need and send you on your way. Most of my clients are able to see progress within a few short months.



It’s important that you feel as comfortable as you can when coming to my office, sitting with me the whole hour, not just 45-50 minutes which is common in this field. Your hour is dedicated only to you with refreshments and a comfortable chair waiting for you each time.


Whatever the reason may be that made you click here, I'm glad that you did. There’s obviously something on your mind that you would like to talk about and I want to help you.

So let’s start by you contacting me today, okay?