What to expect from a counselling session

The first counselling session can feel like a daunting experience. Luckily in the Mijas Costa area you don’t have to know how to speak Spanish in order to have counselling and the support you need.


If you have just moved to the Costa del Sol area, finding things can feel overwhelming. It takes time to get used to a new area and feelings of frustration are common. Also, trying to understand the language can be too much in the beginning. It can also be time-consuming to learn a new language, especially if you are not using it that much.


I moved to Mijas Costa area in 2016 and it took me some time to find everything I needed. As I’ve been working with clients in the area over the past year, I heard that it’s difficult to learn a language you are not using in everyday life. I didn’t speak Spanish when I moved to Spain but I started classes after settling in. Luckily in Mijas Costa you can find services in English; counselling being one of them.


As the language is not an obstacle with us, let’s go over what happens in your first counselling session.


At the beginning of the counselling session

I’ll go over the information that you have given me. I’ll explain a few important things about confidentiality and how I will protect your privacy. I will ask some questions about your situation to get the overall picture of your current situation. Everything will go on its own pace after that.


The first counselling session usually goes really quickly. First it can feel difficult to explain what’s happening and where to start  to a new person. When the first words come out everything will go smoothly after that. It does not really matter where you start.


The bottom line: I have a space, I sit there and clients come to tell me what’s going on, I listen and help them to figure out how to move forward.


It’s important that you find a counsellor that you feel comfortable with. It’s good to know that they have their qualifications but that’s not all you should be focusing on. The list of different qualifications, methods, and approaches does not matter if you feel like the counsellor does not really understand you.


Everyone has the right to try a different counsellor if they feel like he/she is not a good match. That’s okay. 


I don’t tell my clients that they need to come back next week or commit to certain amount of counselling sessions. I don’t think it’s necessary. After the first session my clients knows what they need and what’s comfortable for them. If there's any hesitation we will figure it out together.


Sometimes just one counselling session can be helpful to clear out some thoughts that have been tangled.


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