Sometimes we just can't stop the world from crashing down on us and in those moments we can use help and support.


solution focused counselling

I use solution focused counselling which means that the counselling highlights your strengths and competences instead of your perceived deficits, weaknesses and limitations.

The primary benefit of solution focused counselling is that you find solutions to your situation. This can result in a reduction in the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Another benefit is that we identify clear goals at the start. As a result of this we will both know what success looks like and therefore can easily identify when counselling is no longer required.


creative methods

Creative methods are a part of my counselling. I can use different art therapy methods, such as creative writing, drawing, painting. 

I’ve noticed that through art we can truly create something physical from the thoughts and feelings we have. It’s powerful to see those creations and be able to talk about them after the creative process. 

Sometimes words can’t really express the feelings and thoughts we have.

You don’t have to be artistic in any way to be able to benefit from creative methods.

at the start

When we start a counselling journey together, we will first establish what it is that you really want in your life. This will be our main focus.

If you would like to move forward in your life, I will be right by your side supporting you until you have what you really want. 

Everything you tell me is confidential. 


About me

I'm Karoliina Kosmaa, a licensed counsellor and an artist from Finland. I have been counselling adults and 17-25 year-old young adults from 2010 and I started my private practise in Spain 2016.

I'm helping adults with difficult life changes; people who feel stuck in their life and do not know where to go from there and who have fears or doubts about their future. 

I'm in Angloinfo Costa del Sol (Counselling & Therapists) and Counselling in Spain websites.


English speaking counsellor, near Fuengirola.

English speaking counsellor, near Fuengirola.

Counselling near Fuengirola, Costa del Sol.

Counselling near Fuengirola, Costa del Sol.


You can find me in the Finnish Ministry of Health database of qualified counsellors:


National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, REC. 25105340597