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Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.
— Marie Curie



There are things you can learn and do to make your life lighter and more enjoyable. I’m talking about packing lightly. Yes, it’s possible and I will help you.

Unfortunately, I’m not offering a magic pill or a bigger bag to hide your problems into. We need to go through your problem bags to see what you are actually carrying and why they feel so heavy. This can be a scary process. 

I offer a non-judgmental support and the right tools for your situation. You can do this! You will feel lighter and start to see more clearly as we go through this process together.


There are things you can do to make your life more enjoyable and I will help you. You can do this!


My Specialties

 I consider myself a brief therapist, so I want to give you what you need and send you on your way. Most of my clients are able to see progress within a few short months.



young adults

Those carefree teenage years seem to be behind you and you just realised all the responsibilities that seem to pile up. I know things aren’t really working out like you thought they would and you don’t know how to handle everything.



This might be the first time you are considering to see a therapist or the word “therapy” makes you uncomfortable. I know you are not really comfortable with the idea but you’re here because you’re in "trouble" and want to fix that. You are just not sure where to start, right?



Have you felt for a long time that something isn't right in your close relationship and now you are ready to figure out what’s going on? All the tension around your relationship is taking its toll on you and I know you must be tired of the situation.

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Few recent comments from my clients about our journey together.



Thank you so much Karoliina..! You helped me during a rough period in my life and I remember that you gave me hope for a better tomorrow. You are so kind, helpful, creative and cheerful.

- Kirsi



I'm glad that I came to see you when I did. Everything was just a mess, like hell with no exit -sign. Thank you for your input and dedication, I actually do feel a lot better. I know now what my plan is and what I need to do next.

- Chris


clarity in mind

Thank you for helping me even though my thougths were a mess. Now I feel like I'm really going to make it!

- Jasmin


counselling can help you cope with overwhelming emotions so you are able to enjoy life again.



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